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Viva Physical Media

Viva Physical Media Episode 67!

Posted November 28th 2023

Happy episode 67! It's time to get cozy and watch a thousand movies because here in Seattle the sun is down at 4pm baybee! Matt and Emalie chat about our end-of-the-year fundraiser (donate today!!!), and we slide into a new "Raunch vs. Rom!" But not before announcing the winner from last time, which was Matt's pick: Down With Love (2003). New fighting champs are Teen Lust: The Girl Next Door (1979) and Fools Rush In (1997) - RIP Matt Perry. VOTE BELOW!!! Emalie celebrates some staunch characters with the Maysles Bros' Grey Gardens (1975) and Matt discusses some moody, shivery Clooney work with The American from 2010. Emalie didn't forget Noirvember, and wants to highlight the fantastic Lizabeth Scott in Too Late For Tears. She wants money and a better life no matter the cost and guh fuh huh! With all the Priscilla talk Matt's revisiting some Sofia Coppola work and asks us to reconsider The Bling Ring and its baller soundtrack. Our dog movie is a gem we dug up here on the shelves called Bombon, El Perro, and it's sweet and wholesome and we recommend it! Til next time — VIVA!