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Viva Physical Media Episode 73

Posted April 1st 2024

Happy episode 73 Viva-heads! We’re back with a rad show for you. Kickin’ off with a mailbag from Pure Cinema Podcast and Just the Discs host Brian Saur with some dog movie recs. A new “Sex With Sandra” gets steamy with some mustachio’d Ruffalo in Jane Campion’s In the Cut. New segment “Missing Pieces” makes its triumphant return! Emalie fills in a missing Gillian Armstrong piece with The Last Days of Chez Nous and Matt bridges a Bob Fosse gap with Sweet Charity. If you’re looking for a thriller/horror/domestic drama Australian Paul Schrader-esque desperate man movie, Emalie recommends Smash Palace (1981). Matt takes some inspo from the new show “Shogun” and gives the Hiroyuki Sanada flick Twilight Samurai (2002) a well-deserved shout-out. Emalie finally takes everyone’s rec to watch Little Darlings (1980), which just got a beautiful first time disc release from Cinématograph and is the ultimate teen girl summer camp sex comedy. Matt sings the praises of Paterson, the 2016 Jarmusch drama about a quiet man with a quoTITTYian routine and ~poetry. Finally, we both highly recommend our dog movie this time around which is the TRUE STORY FACTS ONLY movie Balto from 1995!