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Scarecrow REPRESENT! Conservation Northwest

Posted April 23rd 2024

In celebration of Earth Day, our April REPRESENT! list was put together by Conservation Northwest. Since 1989, Conservation Northwest has been your voice for conserving local wildlands and wildlife from the Washington Coast to the British Columbia Rockies.

Movies listed are relevant to the work this organization is doing and include important messages/ history for everyone. At the same time, they tried not to be super serious, so the choices include a mix of fun films along with serious documentaries and other genres.

  1. Return of the River (2014)

  2. Disney Nature Bears (2014)

  3. Cascades Crossroads (2018) – streaming on YouTube

  4. Gather (2020) – new to the collection!

  5. Land of the Lost Wolves (2012) - generously donated by Conservation Northwest

  6. Greatest Good: Forest Service Centennial Film (2012)

  7. Growing Native Northwest: Coast Salish (2018) – can be found here 

  8. Into the Wild (2007)

  9. The Lorax (2012)

  10. Dark Divide (2020)

  11. Antlers (2021)

  12. Princess Mononoke (1997)